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What is the relationship between Finqalab and Next Capital?

Finqalab and Next Capital have a Partner Broker Agreement or an SLA (Service Level Agreement), where Next Capital is the broker of transactions.

Is my money safe with Finqalab?

Yes. Stock market investments are regulated and protected by federal authorities and institutions like SECP, PSX, CDC, and NCCPL.

SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan) regulates company registrations, compliances, and other regulations.

PSX (Pakistan Stock Exchange) regulates and oversees listings and trading of publicly traded companies.

NCCPL (National Clearing Company of Pakistan) acts as a central counterparty, and is responsible to ensure settlement of transactions that take place at PSX.

CDC (Central Depository Company) has the custody of all shares of the listed companies. If you open your account with a broker, your shares will be in custody of CDC through a sub-account with your broker.


Next Capital Limited is a registered broker (with TREC # 048) and complies with all the regulations.

What are Finqalab's procedures for client transactions and trading settlement?

As per law, we only accept from or send money to clients via banking channels. The trading settlement is done via NCCPL. Your shares are deposited with CDC under your sub-account maintained by Next Capital. If you want, you can always move your shares to CDC investors account.

Can I open an account with Finqalab if I already have a trading account?

Yes, you can. You can have multiple accounts with different brokers, or you can have multiple accounts with a broker. However, if you have a Sahulat account with a broker, you will have to first get it upgraded to a Normal Account before you open a new account with another broker.

Can I open a joint account?

You can open a joint account of up to 4 people. You have to follow the following steps:

‍1- Each of the joint account holders have to fill the online account opening form separately.

2- Decide who will be the principal account holder.

3- Inform customer support that you want to open a joint account, and leave the rest to us.

What payment methods are available?

There are three payment methods. Manual bank transfer, In-app bank transfer, and Instant bank transfer.

How long will it take for the payment to be deposited into my account?

That depends on payment methods. If you make an instant bank transfer then it will take 5 mins. Whereas, manual bank transfer or In-app bank transfer will take up to 1 business day.

How can I withdraw money from my trading account?

You will create a withdrawal request through the app. Once our team verifies the request, they will process the withdrawal with your bank account.

How long does it take to open a trading account?

Once you have submitted your application, our team will review the information and if everything is as per the requirements, your account will be active within 3 hours.

Are there any account opening charges?

Rs. 869 is charged by NCCPL once you deposit money in your account. This is a one time fee.

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Finqalab is funded by Next Capital Limited, a licensed brokerage firm of the Pakistan Stock Exchange operating out of Karachi, Pakistan. Next Capital Limited holds TREC license #048 and is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. In addition, Next Capital Limited is a publicly listed entity on the Pakistan Stock Exchange, trading under the ticker, NEXT.

All investments involve risks, including the loss of principal. The content of this website does not constitute a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any security or asset

In case your complaint has not been properly redressed by us, you may lodge your complaint with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (the “SECP”). However, please note that SECP will entertain only those complaints which were at first directly requested to be redressed by the Company and the company has failed to redress the same. Further, the complaints that are not relevant to SECP’s regulatory domain/competence shall not be entertained.