Our Vision

Finqalab envisions financial empowerment for all. With an intuitive online trading platform and transparent practices, we are revolutionizing the financial and investment landscape in Pakistan. Our vision goes beyond profits; it’s about helping individuals to elevate their financial futures and contributing to the country’s economic growth at the same time.

Our Story

Our journey begins with a profound mission to empower the people of Pakistan. With rich tapestry of experience spanning over three decades in navigating Pakistan’s capital markets, Finqalab’s founders, Najam Ali and Irtaza Ali, have embarked on transformative endeavor a journey fueled by compassion, vision, and an unwavering commitment to innovation.


Inflation poses a formidable challenge to the economic stability and prosperity of Pakistani households. It erodes purchasing power, diminishes savings, and undermines long-term financial security. Understanding the gravity of this challenge, Finqalab was born a beacon of hope in a landscape ripe for transformation.


Despite negative perceptions surrounding Pakistan’s equity market, everyday name stocks like Sazgar Engineering, Colgate Palmolive, Meezan Bank, Unilever Foods, etc. have yielded returns as much as 40,000% over the last 20 years, which Pakistani households have missed. Stocks performance is tied to economic growth, which has remained resilient despite cyclical ups and downs. We aim to enable every household in the country to take advantage of this economic resilience and opportunity and shape better financial future.


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Finqalab is funded by Next Capital Limited, a licensed brokerage firm of the Pakistan Stock Exchange operating out of Karachi, Pakistan. Next Capital Limited holds TREC license #048 and is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. In addition, Next Capital Limited is a publicly listed entity on the Pakistan Stock Exchange, trading under the ticker, NEXT.

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